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Travel to Nikolaev, Ukraine

About the "City of Brides"

Home of gorgeous and alluring women is a city in Southern Ukraine, Mykolaiv or commonly called Nikolaev. The city is known as the main shipbuilding center of the Black Sea. The population of the said place sums up to over 500,000. Based on the layout of the Nikolaev, the authorities had truly mastered the details in building the city. Nikolaev's area consists mostly of fascinating parks. Its largest park is called the Park Peremohy, located on the peninsula along the north of the city center of Nikolaev. It is also an important transportation hub of Ukraine. This is where overnight train travel is observed and gives an accessible ride to a lot of passengers. It is a very common way to travel long distance within Ukraine. It's cheap, more comfortable and reliable compared to buses.

Nikolaev is also blessed with a lot of great tourist destination.

  • Sovetskaya Street, refreshments can be found in this place as you'll see shops, cafes, and restaurants within the street.
  • Museum of Shipbuilding and Fleet, this museum is the collection of marine related things, this includes, anchors, maps, old globes, anchors, flags, sea clothes.
  • The Zoo, within the city lies a zoo whom you can visit anytime.
  • Cathedral of the Image of the Casper Blessed Virgin Mary
  • St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Church
  • St. Nikolas Church
  • The Quay of the Ingul River, a picturesque view of Nikolaev and its elegance will be seen
  • Nikolaev Yacht Club